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Our Technology

Avertica is developing proprietary compounds and polymers, many based on biological molecules, with extended conjugated orbitals using diverse chemistries. Conjugated compounds and polymers have extended pi orbitals with delocalized electrons that, depending on the physical properties of the molecules, can be useful in numerous electronic and light applications.  We have discovered and synthesized over 100 novel polymers. Some of these polymers are thermoplastic and many can be made inexpensively (<$10-$50/Kg) using environmentally safe solvents like water and ethanol.  The polymers are synthesized in one or two step reaction pathways making synthesis suitable for large batch or continuous flow synthesis.  Our focus has been on materials with either intrinsic conductivity (ie touch screen applications, charge dissipation applications, printed circuitry), semiconductors with defined ideal band gaps and conjugation lengths (ie solar applications, light absorption, light detection, light emission, OLED’s, memory applications) and very high relative permittivity (dielectric constants) for capacitance and super capacitance applications. We characterize various properties of the conjugated molecules and polymers to determine best fit applications and make these materials available to industry partners.

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