A Research Company

The Management Team

Nicholas Duck, PhD President and CEO

Dr. Duck received his training in Biochemistry at the University of Maryland (BS, 86) and University of Missouri (MS, 88; PHD, 92). Duck has lead research programs in biochemistry and molecular biology while at Monsanto, Ceiba Geigy, Novartis, and Dupont. In 2001, Duck, along with several colleagues founded Athenix, a research company focused on the discovery of genes and chemistries for agricultural specialty chemical, and chemical feedstock bioconverisons. Athenix was acquired by Bayer in 2009, in transaction valued in excess of $400 Million USD. Dr. Duck continued with Bayer for two years leading the research efforts of a ~100 scientists and staff at Bayer’s Innovation Center near Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Currently, Dr. Duck is funding the research and business activities of Avertica. Dr. Duck has more than 50 patents and numerous scientific publications to his credit.

Dr. Wei You, Strategic Consultant and Founder

Dr. You received his BS in polymer Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology of China in 1999 and his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Chicago in 2004.  Dr. You is on the faculty at University of North Carolina, where he has tenured, full-time appointment. Dr. You’s research focuses on the development of novel, multifunctional materials for organic solar cells, molecular electronics and spintronics. Dr. You has a laboratories in the Chemistry and Engineering Departments where is specializes in the discovery of novel polymers and applications in electronic devices, especially solar cells. Dr. You has authored numerous scientific publications and patents.

Andrew Duck, Director of Operations

Mr. Duck brings more than two decades of experience in planning, directing and leading operations in both the public and private sectors.  Most recently, Mr. Duck served as Chief, Futures and Studies of the Army Intelligence Campaign Initiatives Group for TASC, Inc,, where he planned and directed studies and analysis in support of the Department of the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence.  Mr. Duck brings with him the experience of having engaged in difficult and complex operations throughout the world, including Bosnia and Iraq.  He also has experience in the financial sector, working as a Series 7 and 63 licensed stockbroker.  Mr. Duck holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Texas State University and has done graduate study in Economics with the University of Oklahoma.

Avertica has three PhD level scientist advisors participating in developing the technology base for the company and a Finance Director.


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